Be Careful

This week we feature 2000's Primal Scream vowel-rejecting tour de force XTRMNTR, plus new tracks from Gorillaz, Run the Jewels, Pure X, and Sorry.

Stereogum wrote a great 20 year retrospective on XTRMNTR here.


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  1. Buena Vista by Gomez on Abandonned Shopping Trolly Hotline (Virgin) $ Buy
  2. Middle America by Pure X on Middle America (Fire Talk) $ Buy
  3. Break
  4. Draw(in)g to a (W)hile by The Clean on Vehicle (Flying Nun) $ Buy
  5. Perfect by Sorry on 925 (Domino) $ Buy
  6. Most of All by Oracle Sisters on Most of All (22Twenty) $ Buy
  7. Break
  8. Kill All Hippies by Primal Scream on XTRMNTR (Creation) $ Buy
  9. Forever by The Charlatans on Us and Us Only (Universal) $ Buy
  10. Reign (feat. Ian Brown) by UNKLE on Never, Never, Land (Mowax) $ Buy
  11. Break
  12. Keep Your Dreams by Primal Scream on XTRMNTR (Creation) $ Buy
  13. Wavvy by Lav on Wavvy (Ultra) $ Buy
  14. Storm by Joviale on 4 Down - Puzzled Together by Bullion (DEEK) $ Buy
  15. Shoot Speed/Kill Light by Primal Scream on XTRMNTR (Creation) $ Buy
  16. Mars in Virgo by Sneaks on Mars in Virgo (Merge) $ Buy
  17. Yankee and the Brave (ep. 4) by Run The Jewels on Run the Jewels 4 (Jewel Runners) $ Buy
  18. Song Machine: How Far? (ft. Tony Allen, Skepta by Gorillaz on Song Machine: How Far? (ft. Tony Allen, Skepta (Parlophone) $ Buy
  19. Soul Auctioneer (feat. Bobby Gillespie) by Death in Vegas on The Contino Sessions (Sony) $ Buy
  20. Break
  21. Empyrean by Ben Lukas Boysen on Mirage (Erased Tapes) $ Buy
  22. Kassel by Robot Koch on Kassel (BMG) $ Buy
  23. Borders by Monomotion on Fujisan (Fake Music) $ Buy
  24. Break
  25. Signal Post by Craven Faults on Erratics & Unconformities (The Leaf Label) $ Buy