A Live Stream Into Your Heart

Across the past 5 episodes of this podcast, I’ve shared interviews and performances from our radio archives in the context of this experience we’re now collectively living through and how music and community can be something precious to hold onto in devastating and uncertain times.

For the final episode of the season, I'm excited to share another aspect of the BFF community: intimate musical performances, featuring local artists, that pull at our heartstrings and pull us in close together. We used to do them live in person and now they’re happening online every month.

Hosting these streams are station founder Amanda Guest and Erika Delgado, AKA DJ Space Abuela, who is BFF.fm's event director and organizer of our monthly "Besties Bashes".

Erika is BFF's beloved abuela, clown, and  now, with their new podcast PARA BFF, playing the roll of paranormal investigator.

They join me in sharing some sweet, funny, moving performances from our virtual Bestie's Bashes, talk about why representation matters, and talk about why the invitation to get weird and play is essential.

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