Synthetic Sounds Episode 7

We will dive into another Dream Logic-inspired playlist-- this one features some nice, chill ambient drone, among other things.


  1. Floating by John Ming on the principle of cause and effect (Zimmer)
  2. Track20201227024454926369.22 by DJ_Iterate on Synthetic Hip Hop (Treetrunk)
  3. Kog by Bleupulp on grey day (Bleepsequence)
  4. Mycorrhiza by Stefan Paulus on Cartographies (Treetrunk)
  5. Aural Fractals Part 2 by Tange and Gregg Plummer on Aural Fractals (Treetrunk)
  6. Radical Chic Eaters by Zombie on Sectioned v3.0 (Section 27)
  7. Plugged by Mystified on Aluminum Fly (Treetrunk)
  8. Mission End by UnoRace on Perfect War (Zimmer)
  9. Der letzte Zug by Ulf Kramer on Der weise Koenig Salomo (Zimmer)