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Synthetic Sounds first played Kog at 6:12am on Sunday 7th Mar, 2021.

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  • Episode 4 features a brand new playlist of dream-logic inspired dub, generative and ambient electronic music.

    Synthetic Sounds S1 E4 60 mins

  • We will dive into another Dream Logic-inspired playlist-- this one features some nice, chill ambient drone, among other things.

    Synthetic Sounds S1 E7 60 mins

  • Welcome to another mellow episode of "Synthetic Sounds". Powered by "Dream Logic", this show creates playlists based on non-linear, often temporal, relationships between audio files.

    Synthetic Sounds S1 E2 60 mins

  • This is the debut episode of "Synthetic Sounds". In this episode, we use our "Dream Logic" Python code to traverse a broad list of possible tracks,…

    Synthetic Sounds S1 E1 60 mins

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generative electronic music, generative mixes of off-beat cc-licensed music, and downright unusual dream-logic inspired phenomena


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