Episode 193 - Audentes Foprtuna Juvat

Fortune Favors the Bold! And bold we shall be babies! Bold in our push for justice.

The fight to keep this republic free and lift the most people MUST go on.

We must work together to push the ugly head of oppression back into the slime that it came from.

Stand. Hold the line.

Rock and Truth coming at you.



  1. The Song Remains The Same by Led Zeppelin on Houses of the Holy (Swan Song)
  2. Low Budget by The Kinks on Come Dancing With the Kinks (Arista)
  3. Repo Man (Demo March 1983) by Iggy Pop on Where the Faces Shine Volume 2 (Easy Action)
  4. Mercedes Marxist by IDLES on Mercedes Marxist (Partisan Records)
  5. On Graveyard Hill by Pixies on Beneath the Eyrie (BMG/Infectious)
  6. Kitty Sucker by Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes on End of Suffering (International Death Cult)
  7. Catholic Block by Sonic Youth on Sister (Squeaky Squawk)
  8. See No Evil by Television on Marquee Moon (Elektra)
  9. Banned In D.C. by Bad Brains on Bad Brains (ROIR)
  10. Identity by X-ray Spex on Germ Free Adolescents (X-ray Spex)
  11. Jet Boy Jet Girl by Elton Motello on Jet Boy (AMC)
  12. Nail biters by Cheerbleederz on Nail biters (Alcopop!) New
  13. Never Say Never by Romeo Void on Warm in Your Coat (CBS)