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  • We're kicking off the week with a mix of jangle pop, shoegaze, post punk, power pop, indie rock, new wave, and lo-fi. Featuring brand new tracks…

    Top Spin S1 E65

  • Top Spin S1 E59

  • Hey. Hey! Take a minute. We got a long way to go to protect the House, expand the Senate and drive this nation forward int eh…

    Wake The F Up! 60 mins

  • Fortune Favors the Bold! And bold we shall be babies! Bold in our push for justice. The fight to keep this republic free and lift the…

    Wake The F Up! 60 mins

  • SCOTUS's upcoming ruling string down ROE will push half of this nation into a backwards, women hating posture that's sure to kill a lot of Americans.

    Wake The F Up! 60 mins

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