EP. 174: Something for the Youth

Sound & Fury, California  jams, new new, and the summer pavement remains hot.

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  1. Something for the Youth by Restraining Order on This World Is Too Much (Triple B)
  2. Another Better Day by Restraining Order on Single (Triple B) New
  3. Crush Your Enemies by C4 on Split Your Skull In Half (Tribe Dream) New
  4. Attainable by GEL on Only Constant (Convulse) New
  5. Interlude / Fire Starter by Initiate on Cerebral Circus (Triple B) New
  6. Eyes of the Real by Dead Heat (Triple B) New
  7. Endless Torment by Dead Heat on Eyes of the Real (Triple B) New
  8. Kiss the Ladder by Fleshwater on We're Not Here to Be Loved (Closed Casket Activities)
  9. Mosquito by Model/Actriz on Dogsbody (True Panther) New
  10. Crossing Guard by Model/Actriz on Dogsbody (True Panther) New
  11. Slate by Model/Actriz on Dogsbody (True Panther) New
  12. Night Tryst by Narrow Head on 12th House Rock (Run For Cover)
  13. AFRAID OF EVERYTHING / OBTAINED UNDER DURESS by SPY on Habitual Offender (To Live A Lie) Local
  14. Refuse To Lose by Cold World on No Omega (Six Feet Under)
  15. Pale by Modern Color on From the Leaves of Your Garden (Other People)
  16. Blending by High Vis on Blending (Dias)
  17. Life in Decline by Militarie Gun on My Life Is Over (Self-Released)
  18. Debt Collector by Provoker (Year 0001) New
  19. waterlily by crushed on extra life (ng+) New
  20. coil by crushed on crushed (ng+) New
  21. My Own Summer (Shove It) by Deftones on Around the Fur (Maverick)
  22. Minus Blindfold by Deftones on Adrenaline (Maverick)
  23. Vaseline by Stone Temple Pilots on Purple (Atlantic)
  24. Believe by Sprung Monkey on Swirl (Surfdog)
  25. Movie Star by Cracker on Kerosene Hat (Virgin)
  26. I Want Everything by Cracker on Kerosene Hat (Virgin)
  27. Glamorous Glue (2014 Remaster) by Morrissey on Your Arsenal (Definitive Remaster) (Sire)
  28. Bakersfield by Social Distortion on Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes (Epitaph)
  29. Los Angeles by Jason Kaminski on Far Away Places (Head2Wall) New
  30. Centipede by FIDLAR on Centipede (self-released) New
  31. Wake Bake Skate by FIDLAR on FIDLAR (Mom + Pop)
  32. The Bigger The City by Koala Voice (Nika) New
  33. A Backyard by Stay Inside (Self-released) New
  34. California by Petey on Lean Into Life (Terrible)
  35. More To Life Than Baseball by Petey on Other Stuff (Terrible)
  36. Haunted House on Zillow by The Garden on HORSESHIT ON ROUTE 66 (Vada Vada)