EP. 194: Heavy Acoustic

Doomy, gloomy... mostly acoustic! Some shrieks. Yo, donate? Plz?


  1. Winter Is Coming by Radical Face on Ghost (Bear Machine)
  2. Afghamistam by Botch on An Athology of Dead Ends (Sargent House)
  3. Rose Tinted World by Full Of Hell, Nothing on When No Birds Sang (Closed Casket Activities) New
  4. Pamela by Chat Pile on God's Country (The Flenser)
  5. 20 Seconds: 20 hours by Vein.fm on Old Date in a New Machine, Vol. 1 (Closed Casket Activities)
  6. WW4 by Show Me The Body on Trouble The Water (Loma Vista)
  7. Memoriam / Wasted Days, Wasted Years by Anxious Arms on Crimes of Despair (Sunday Drive) Local
  8. Richard Ramirez Died Today of Natural Causes by Sun Kil Moon on Benji (Caldo Verde)
  9. Sold Me Sad by Black Magnet on Body Propechy (Buck Spin)
  10. Floating In Nothing by Black Magnet on Body Propechy (Buck Spin)
  11. Alchemy for the Dead by Spotlights on Alchemy for the Dead (Ipecac) New
  12. Plush - Live; MTV Unplugged, 11/17/93 by Stone Temple Pilots on Thank You (Atlantic)
  13. Mr. Soul by Neil Young on Unplugged (1993) (Warner)
  14. Come As You Are by Nirvana on MTV Unplugged in New York (DGC)
  15. Black (Live 1998) by Pearl Jam on Live On Two Legs (Sony)
  16. Fuckin' Up (Live 1998) by Pearl Jam on Live On Two Legs (Sony)
  17. Don't Follow by Alice In Chains on Jar of Flies (Columbia)
  18. Dirty Old Town by The Pogues on Rum Sodomy & the Lash (Warner)
  19. Center of Gravity by Brazen Youth on The Ever Dying Bristlecone Man (Self-Released)
  20. A Familiar Feeling (feat. awakebutstillinbed) by Snag on MMXXIII (self-released) New Local
  21. leave by awakebutstillinbed on 12 Days of Chillmas (Chillwavve) Local
  22. Starling by Nuclae on Bringing Out The Beast (Rebirth) New
  23. Winter for Squirrels by Dylans on Settlers Adrift (PACB)
  24. Wastrel by Narrow Head on 12th House Rock (Run for Cover)