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Brown Girl Radio first played Yonaguni at 8:51am on Sunday 20th Jun, 2021.


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  • Playing some emotional love songs so we can cry together. </3 (╥﹏╥)

    Phantom Kisses 60 mins

  • It's January 1st? Huh?? We made it. Go us. I ran a poll on Instagram asking you what you wanted to hear this episode- Let's Dance…

    Echolocation 60 mins

  • Jam & Butter 60 mins

  • Hey y'all. Seb here. I'm freezing out here in the Bay Area but here's some Alt Latino music that's been on my weekly rotation. Enjoy!

    Las Mañanas 120 mins

  • feeling HOT AND SWEATY from this heat wave... stay hydrated babes feat. music to move ur body to by: tsha, shygirl, kim petras, yuna, hope tala,…

    møod swings 60 mins

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Las Mañanas is for those interested in jamming to Latin music in the mornings. Every show, the host, Sebastian Miño-Bucheli, brings you a mix that includes music made by Latinx Artists and interviews with local Bay Area artists.

A lush lineup of tunes every week from around the genre gauntlet, featuring new (and some old) tracks from artists local and around the world. Spread on thick for maximum enjoyment.

Late night dance parties with a fusion of genres, themed sets, guest discussions, and more!


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