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Music Ninja Radio first played Blu (feat. Damon Albarn) at 4:09pm on Friday 30th Jun, 2017.


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  • omg feeling mixed emotions today... møod swings turns 2 feat music by: tame impala, kittens lol, crj, flo, alemeda, addison rae (!!!), amaarae, and more :)…

    møod swings 60 mins

  • Brown Girl Radio 60 mins

  • When Things just aren't going exactly as you planned Sometimes you can't help but say DANG! But you know what? You find a way to push…

    Alive For The Vibe 60 mins

  • For those who have that special someone. And those who, don't just feel these songs about relationships ;P

    Alive For The Vibe 60 mins

  • maybe it's my jelly nails but im feeling feminine?? these songs give off femme energy to me so... girls lets give 'em the ol razzle dazzle!

    møod swings 60 mins

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