Round Hill



Most recently, Wake The F Up! played Magic Power by Triumph on Saturday 20th Jan, 2024.

On has played Round Hill releases from artists such as Lettuce, The Offspring, triumph, Bush, The Record Company.


Check out these shows on, showcasing music from Round Hill!

pickle licious tracks sprinkled with new stuff, local stuff and all the things that make up my chaos brainz

songs and words celebrating music, art, community, and friendship.

Take a dive into a block of sound that spans the limits of genre and is held together by a central weekly theme.

R&B, Soul, Funk, Indie Pop, Folk, Electronic hodge-podge of excellence.

Two hours of fresh music from the Bay and beyond, with a second hyperlocal hour spotlight on all new releases from Bay area bands and artists, highlighted by a conversation and deep sonic dive with a different local guest artist(s) every episode.