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Brighter Days by Cajmere is one of those songs that makes me wispy every time I play it. Although it will likely be awhile before I can share tunes like that with a dance floor, this show serves as an excuse to dust off some of my favorite records and share them with you, a very kind listener.

On the show I plan to focus on the intersection of disco, house, and the global reverberations of those genres. I play mostly vinyl, and am starting a swear jar for every trainwreck.

I've recorded a lot of DJ mixes,  but I'm looking at this as a different format. I'm not aiming to out-deep myself every week with two hours of ultra-rare music, there will be some tunes that you may have heard many, many times. And I hope you still enjoy them as much as I do.

I make my own music under the moniker Time Zones and I'll occasionally be playing some unreleased music (and maybe running it through my modular synthesizer). Also worth noting, I'm new to San Francisco by way of Austin, TX and would love to meet more likeminded people, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you like what you hear.

Thanks for listening.

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