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Make It Funky Radio first played Apollo 11 at 8:07pm on Wednesday 3rd May, 2017.


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  • Back at it in '23, just you and me, and all our besties.

    Yours, Teddy 120 mins

  • Taking some new records out for a first spin for the day after Valentine's installment, live from the Ferry Building studio. Enjoy episode #290

    Espresso Sesh S7 E6 120 mins

  • Salute to September with an eclectic installment today, spanning from reggae to disco and deep house, featuring -as usual- freshly released music and a few classics.

    Espresso Sesh S6 E33 120 mins

  • You can't love the culture and not support the people.

    bounce haus 120 mins

  • Celebrating the new season with a selection of freshly released (also some yet unreleased) music from Bacalao, BBE, Compost, Heavenly Sweetness and more. Enjoy episode #249…

    Espresso Sesh S6 E12 120 mins

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