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Wake The F Up! first played Cheap Sunglasses at 7:23am on Saturday 16th Mar, 2019.


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  • Yes Babies, it is the unofficial first weekend of Summer. It’s supposed to be fun, really! Enjoy the freedoms of this nation this three day weekend.

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  • Whether it's faithful recreations or exciting new interpretations of old favorites, this week's episode is all about great covers. Featuring tracks by the Pixies, Boy Jr.

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  • With OMICRON (Not a imposing name for a variant at all) making the news and with me being out of town I though this appropriate. Early…

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  • Does it feel like Summer? Are we enjoying cookouts? - Check Are we going to baseball games? - Check Then tell me why we can’t shake…

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  • Just celebrate. We'll get back to the news after this here bottle of champagne. -FOXX

    Wake The F Up! 60 mins

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