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Each week, San Francisco psychotherapist Lily Sloane, along with featured guests, answers some of life’s tough questions. But they won’t just tell you how to get along better with your mother in law. They’ll talk about the role of patriarchy, sexism, capitalism, racism, and other kinds of oppression in our day to day personal struggles and what we need to do to fight the forces that keep us down.


  • Lily and Christina talking about the art of clowning and answer listener questions.

    № 38

  • Lily Sloane and her guest Narissa Harris answer some difficult questions about trauma, fear, and anger.

    № 37

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  • SF Psychotherapist Brian Thompson is back to talk more about how to cope and grow in this totally mind-boggling time.

    № 36

  • Today PsyD candidate Leif Griffin and I talk about what's getting in the way of taking serious action on climate change.

    № 35

  • Emily and Lily discuss women and hairloss. And we answer listener questions about boundaries and about being friends with ex's. We also came up with a…

    № 34

  • This week bay area psychotherapist Abby Thompson, MFT and Lily answer some listener questions and dig deep into body image and the dangers of diet culture.

    № 33

  • Psychologist Troy Piwowarski and I answer some questions about career and therapy/client relationships. And we talk about masculinity today.

    № 32

  • I talk to Krishan Abeyatunge about therapy and music.

    № 31

  • San Francisco psychotherapist of www.sasstherapy.com, Quandra Chaffers, joins me to talk about sexual abuse and trauma.

    № 30

  • Lauren Selfridge, San Francisco based Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and I discuss listener questions and talk about her new podcast about living with chronic illness,…

    № 29