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Wake The F Up! first played Blacklight Shine at 7:24am on Saturday 17th Sep, 2022.


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  • Latest episode featured some of my favorite music and artists heard at Portola Festival as well as some new recent discoveries.

    In the Grove

  • Fifty one days until Election Day, babies. If we all do something, even something small, every day from now until November 8th, we can keep our…

    Wake The F Up! 60 mins

  • Weight in proportion to girth. The heavier the sound, the broader the spectrum. Music mix this week! Enjoy!

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  • A little dose of the 90's mixed with a mélange of now. NOW THAT'S WHAT WE CALL NOSTALGIA 10!

    Flow Radio 120 mins

  • Roe is over. The courts are coming for gay marriage. Disabled rights. Privacy in the home. We must stand and fight this sickness and these injustices.

    Wake The F Up! 60 mins

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Kwohla's radio show "In The Grove" will showcase a blend of healing and grooving music deriving from electronic, soulful house, and progressive melodies to jumpstart your weekend vibes.


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