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Sounds In The Dark first played Live Mix at 11:30pm on Tuesday 21st Oct, 2014.


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  • Well, well well...look who's back? It me. Lon. I'll detail my voyaging on air- but while I was away I got a whole year older, picked…

    TNN S3 E5 120 mins

  • Kenny and Buck's TNN one saw that coming.

    TNN S3 E4 120 mins

  • G’day folks! We’re keeping it chill this week, more or less head empty and in the mix. After careful deliberation, and maybe too much tinkering and…

    TNN S3 E2 120 mins

  • Brown Recluse Variety Show

  • Denley hosts a tribute to Keith Tadashi Kubota. Aier Sauft ,  make.a.virus , Kubota, Broken Figures , Tadashi , Knoxin, onesevenonenine ....13 years of Bay Area…

    Opal Heights

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Knokternal is a Wednesday Night Future / New Music show, featuring the latest in underground electronic music.


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