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Vampire Dear first played Ms. 45 TRAILER at 1:02am on Thursday 2nd Nov, 2023.


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  • It's been a minute...two hours of Granee Handz tunes...been waiting to get these off of my chest...come on inside, dry off, shelter from the storm.

    Sibling Rivalry 120 mins

  • Rape revenge soundtracks and scores.

    Vampire Dear 60 mins

  • Its nice to reflect on the importance of MOMs with a bit of Anita, deep house, and Donald Byrd's trumpet. Happy Mother's Day!

    Sibling Rivalry 120 mins

  • Yo, I'll be brief...we're in recovery mode after a rager-and-a-half this Halloween. Shout out to all that came through, it means the world and we had…

    TNN S3 E7 120 mins

  • Well, well well...look who's back? It me. Lon. I'll detail my voyaging on air- but while I was away I got a whole year older, picked…

    TNN S3 E5 120 mins

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Horror and exploitation film soundtrack scores, gothic rock, proto & post-punk, industrial, experimental, and anything else I feel like playing in my dungeon.

Knokternal is a Wednesday Night Future / New Music show, featuring the latest in underground electronic music.


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